by Steel Toed Slippers

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Recorded on February 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, 2015 @ The Pie Studios in Pasadena, CA


released October 29, 2015

Will Nicoll - Guitar/Lead Vocals
Matt Moss - Drums/Background Vocals
Kurt Morgan - Bass
Chris Norton - Keyboards/Background Vocals
Tyler Nuffer - Slide Guitars

Engineered by: Jeff Peters and Alan DeMoss
Mixed by: Alan DeMoss
Mastered by: Jeff Peters
Artwork by: Tim James

All songs written by: Steel Toed Slippers



all rights reserved


Steel Toed Slippers California

we make music that tickles

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Track Name: Sweet Patience
I hope you care to know bout me
All my actions are guaranteed
To be exactly what they are and nothing more


speaking circles silver tongue
picks you up and leaves you dumb
hope you find the time to run and find your own

cause I can't save you nothin
But time and sweet patience

Oh I tried to change the station
To find the static garden

I hope we learn to wait our turn
criticize the flame that burns
Hang ourselves up on the cross just to get heard


A new child learns to bang a drum
encourage lessons from the dumb
til he forgets just why he ever left his mom

And the sky is moving up and up fa-farther away
Telescopes are in reverse, they look inside of the brain
Track Name: Notion
No notions to bestow me
i ride along myself
I sit atop the shelf
With my head of dust

Collapse into myself
Bloom into a red dwarf star
I'm bigger than the room
And watchin from afar

but If it weren't for my being down, so down
The dark woulda never parted and her light wouldn't be found

Will i wait for myself to die to find that notion deep inside that's shinin blind

A potion that's on tap
Free flowing and surreal
An Englishman admiring
The delicate mouthfeel

A couldren ever boiling
Inside of you and I
We never could surrender
To the bubbles as they rise

And who woulda thought we'd be oblivious
Who woulda thought We'd be ridiculous
So strong for so long

And who woulda thought she'd be conspicuous
Who woulda thought she would be dangerous
So long ms. So wrong

To stoke the flame that's dyin
To paint a dusty wall
Two shoe laces tied together and we're bound to fall

But The floor holds many secrets
If you ever care to look
they say The tallest tree has the biggest roots
And I've got time to nook
Track Name: Don't Weep For Me
Stick in the mud
flood rise to the occasion
you're a name signed in blood
a sunset wrapped in chains
did you ever feel the joy of
laughing yourself to sleep?

easy come easy go
easy truth hard to swallow
you're a heart in the snow
it only melts when it attacks
did you ever taste the sweetness
hidden behind the scene?

well, don't weep for me
cause I can't cry for you
Time isn't free when I try
to understand you

drifting in space
a haze of poison laughter
you are running in place
you only fly when you're asleep
did you ever feel the hatred
hidden inside your love?

easy to easy fro
easy lies hard to caught out
you're a bald Repunzel
empty palms grasp at air
did you ever feel the love in
taking a strangers hand?

ooh, who could lie to you
but your own self?
Track Name: Spillin
O, We're all boiling over tonight
spilling out our hearts
Like drippings from the pan
With No one to catch the drops
So they all mix together in the end

Spilling on our feet is all we can't catch in our hands
We try to pick it up again but
It's no use
Til I look at you and see in your eyes what I've felt since youth

Oh it's how we sell ourselves to each other
trading hearts and hands
but the devil earns a share, damn him
well, I won't share you til every last drop finds my spoon

We tried to part when the sand blew up in my face
I tried to get around; tried to find a better day
Say 'Nothins in the way'
But I've been set back since I was a stray
Track Name: Flashbang
Tell me your secrets with a flashbang
Your sorry words are like teargas grenades
When I fell for you I signed my name
I couldn't rip up the contract til it was too late

Couldn't sign my name
Makes me sick unless I'm in love
Then I like it along with everything else
Til I am humbled by being alone

Fourty five dollars and a night on the town was enough to make me feel like a king
She held her drink between her legs as she started to sing
She needed both hands free to shake and wave

Like she's insane

Makes me sick unless I'm in love Then I like it along with everything else Til I am humbled by being alone

I can't speak
If I'm not strong
I can't write
If I'm not wrong
Track Name: Wishful Thinking
Me and baby had a talk today
We were Stuck inside the words we said
So I told her to relax
That every dream takes time to grow
Just look at me, I've been wading in glum since I was a boy

I still hope someday I'll fly
Everyone I love by my side
I've done all it takes to feel right
I deserve it this time

Take me back to childhood when I first set eyes on you
I was taken aback by your sweet hue
All the years have gone by and I still feel like a baby child
Like a twisted trunk pushing cracks into the the above ground

It's when we figured out
Wishful thinking is just dead air
Unless we do
Speak hold sing pause renew
Renew me baby

All the years have gone by
Not everything is the same
On the heels of a dream bursting brain
So pick it as you please and leave the rest to apathy
And I'll hold you like a diamond in the nest where no one else can see
Track Name: Suits
Everybody gives it up to someone
It may be she or him, us or them
Privately or posted it's had
Anyway it's savored

Clasp your hands to your heads
Gasp like a sailor
Overboard but found the shore

Reach for the stars in your brain
And throw out an anchor

A change of view would suit you
A change of view would suit you

Everybody takes it out on someone
So it happened to be you and me
My problems plus yours
Greater than the sum of its parts

Grab for the rails pull your self out of the stream of my consciousness
Rapid and mean
I can dare to dream as long as I wake up slow

A change of view would suit me too
A Change of view would suit you

Savor every savory bite
Til the bitter taste of thyme
Spice of life's variety
Give a little bit
Take a little you can't
Ain't none left babe