Steel Toed Slippers

by Steel Toed Slippers

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released March 22, 2012

"Will Nicoll, and Matt Moss, also known as Steel Toed Slippers, have risen from the roots of Redwoods in Humboldt County to bring the world a tall and sturdy serving of classic American rock soiled in soul, blues, and jazz influences. The duo recently released their debut self-titled album co-produced by Kenny Gradney (Little Feat) and eight-time Grammy award winning guitarist, Johnny Lee Schell (Bonnie Raitt, BB King, Lucinda Williams, Taj Mahal).

Over the eleven track skeleton, STS casually kicks the current blues rock equation to the curb and replaces the popular stripped down garage vibe with a full bodied blend of pop, funk, boogie, soul, and jazz. Instead of a one trick pony that trots on one style and sound, STS offer a more versatile ride with upbeat boogies (Laystep, Lookdown, First Encounter); mellow grooves (Here Comes, Keeper); and accessible singles (Fading, Beyond Lock) that mix a multitude of styles and sounds from different eras, but are catchy enough for modern day fans.

As soon as their debut album faded into fuzz, I knew what their moniker meant. A steel toed slipper is relaxed but grounded, chill but steady. Steel Toed Slippers— a band that can best be described as The Spin Doctors, Drive By Truckers, and Little Feat dancing in the forest— are here to stay and grow, much like the Redwoods that surrounded their youth."


Steel Toed Slippers:
Will Nicoll - Guitar/Vox
Matt Moss - Drums/BG Vox

Produced by Kenny Gradney, Johnny Lee Schell, and Steel Toed Slippers
Mixed by: Ed Cherney at The Village
Bass by Kenny Gradney on Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 & 10
Bass by Nick Maury on all others
Slide guitar on 'Here Comes' - Johnny Lee Schell
Mastered by: Robert Hadley at The Mastering Lab in Ojai, CA
Engineered and Recorded by: Johnny Lee Schell
Artwork by: Norton Wisdom
Graphic Design: Pamela Johnson
Photo: Jim Belcher
Recorded at Ultratone Studios, Studio City, CA

All Songs by Steel Toed Slippers

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Track Name: Fading
made the choice to die and leave life's taste behind
from the wall rooms of the cloture
spawn the thorns atop the vine
i lay my brain to rest again
within the fray
where i can whisper to the shadows
words that i've forgot to say

fading down and i cannot fathom why

we're living on the fly
and hiding in the snow
and though the sleet black ice stay on the ground
the sand begins to blow

train car rain jar
i do with hold
from the pacing trends of eight to four
Track Name: Lay Step
acrylic heels lay step for all the pretty girls
that keep closed lips pressed to the world
with thoughts of alcohol and jeweled pearls

they step inside the scene in which they think
that life is short and bonds are weak
that breaking ties will surely set them free

well i got news for you
you cannot choose who you are

if all they say is true
you can
die a star
but you wont go far

self loathing only does so much for me
my loves for free but all these girls think i'm too cheap

she took the world by storm at seventeen
the queen of smut she strove to be
she said
till i ever learn better go ahead and sick them dogs on me

all i can do is watch cause she wont give me no time
she thinks that different styles define the potency of mind

well i got news for her
theres so much more that she could learn

and if everyone gets their turn
she will
die a star
but she won't go far
Track Name: Lookdown
Well Hold my earnings from the pillbox I don't deserve nothing today I still believe them when they say I haven't done my part
You're angry but I don't blame you, the one who taught you how to hiss and spit those acid words, he is to blame

Well look down, see it from the other side the place, the time, the weather put you there if I was in control then I would have you back here
Just look down, see it from the other side, the peace of mind, the safety kept you there, if I was in control I would have you back here

The kick drum is sacrilegious and all this noise just makes them cringe the sound mans hanging by a limb but still he lets me play
Well crumbs crumbs are never hidden and we're never really free of them they cover you from head to toe so may as well get nude
and look down...

Well I've come full circle so many times that each years like a slice of pie can't tell the difference between bites but what a sugar high
so i look down and i see it from the other side
Track Name: Beyond Lock
palm, palm the ground

upon the grass two friends they lay
the boy can't sense what she will say

stuck in the tangent of his brain
dismiss his thoughts that could bring shame

till she gave in and they proclaimed
their love would never fade away

they moved so fast into the game
the feelings they would never tame (change)

its stuck in my head
how it felt so good to be content
i know what she said
but i'll select what i keep in my head
the sliding glass memories you can see whats behind but can't tread to the side where beyond lock your love lies

she showed him things he'd never known
a concrete jungle she called home
and in return he brought her north
abundant life rode back and forth

a story book of sunny skies
he held onto each lonely night
when things got rough he could confide
in happiness that came with time
Track Name: You're Caught
You're caught between two hearts
one of innocence and bliss
another of glum but I wouldn't miss it
with only one dish I would stare

The ignorance of thoughts
that make the day more than it is
can only last until the wind
sweeps off the smiles that you have bought

So give in
Cause ya got the whole world to see
is marching in

I learned about the drugs
I need to take from the TV
a better life they promised me
but they had only sold me scars
Track Name: Here Comes
Rise up the sun and wash it away if the grass keeps dry were gonna make it okay

If we have to stay inside then we'll rely on our dreams to escape out of the fray

Planted a Willow Tree in my basement last night it took a couple of seeds the concrete did oblige and in a few short weeks when it breaks through the roof I'll have a new excuse to get outside

And here comes the light tracing all the lines from the weeping willows moan to the leaves shot to the ground with such a lucid tone and i could never forget when our roots broke through the ground (clouds)

Like it's its already figured out all the reasons we've to grow, why don't we hang around and let it all just pass, because we already know that our home ain't gonna last

There's no way that it's gonna last

See i've been living for free on account of my friends being so sweet to me i never asked for a hand but it costs thirty five cents for that heart in your breast to beat the rhythm of a poor man's chance

Well I only got twenty five so until the next dime (har har har) would it be wrong if i danced with your memory i put your love in a seed and it grew so tall I had to chop it down before it would fall

and here comes the call

and here it's coming to life
Track Name: A Child's Lamento
A young seed is sown in the shadow of a man
a slight of the hand hides a child left in trance
by the time he is ten he must observe the master plan
and fill the shoes of the patriarch, known tenderly as 'dad'

what we choose to do is never enough so fuck the stakes and we'll gamble life on luck
when we hit gold you'll know that young and old do not deserve distrust
if everybody fails but one then that's enough
if one survives we'll hear the cries that we have won

careless and dumb should be a child when he is young
a shaping of the tongue will leave his greatest song unsung
he spends his waking life just being told what's wrong from right
so when it's time for him to rise he'll never know just who to fight

she said
"i'll never live my life in stride
n' i'll be strong when its time to die
when i was i never cried
my face held tears my eyes would lie

i've come to realize that life transcends the paths that we are shown
it's helped me to survive since i found what everyone should know"

if everybody fails but one then that's enough
if one survives we'll hear the cries that we have won
the pilgrims lies and everything i'm taught is false
no holy book can pacify my sense of loss
Track Name: Keeper
many years ago long before your try at life
was anything really changed

we're soldiers seeking truth
unpronounced and unrefined
the best of us lie in their graves

you come accross as a keeper a follower in bloom
but does your conscience have room for me
will it always be too soon
(ever call the tune)

the path we choose to take is never wrong but never right
all we can control is our haste

living through a love once again for the first time
i'd give my tongue for just one more taste

try me though i'm tired and tried
and away you go as shades turn dim
a fix for a lie

many years ago
we were not who we are now
but still after it all i wonder why
Track Name: Born Into It
well i coulda done so much more with my life but i'm stuck in here slangin' on the seven to five

but if i had the greenbacks to get back to my baby i would and i would take her on the ride of her life

if i'd followed my dreams i'da surely have starved by now but another hunger still burns hot its the trill of potential and i'm leasing my spirit out just to give it another shot

do i regret taking the drink
or keeping the smoke deep inside
no i know that i dont
cause i survived

its not a matter of choice
what we do in this life
we were born into it
and inside it we die

i can feel the change of heart on down my spine
but can my brain get a clue when my body speaks lies

i'm an electrical signal, a link in a chain
inside the hive-mind

every day that i work just to earn some more numbers is wasting away all my precious time
when i am laid in my grave will i be known for the money i made or the things that i love to buy
Track Name: Shelter Cove
I went riding towards the left-most sign
to the Shelter Cove, where the sun rose high
and there's so many things you can't define
but give it time, make up your mind

As the sun shone East I faced the West
and I couldn't help thinking about my friends
and what had become of them
but I knew in time the light would dim

Still I stay
On my way
'Cause i'm not the man I wanted to portray

As we climbed the rocks the sea it changed
from a misty white to a black and gray
I knew we'd stepped into the fray
we'd found ourselves in the swell's bounty

The sun grew closer every step we took
but it did not stir nor were we shook
the glare was strong but still I looked
across the diamond highway

Still I see
It's a simple signal rising from the reef

As sheckles shot across the sea
a lark, a seal, a bumblebee
they moved in ways I'd never seen
like poultry placed from plate to tree

To my best friend I gave a hint
but the point, it seemed, he did not get
he thought that life was just a stint
we'd die before we made it

If that's the truth
Don't tell me so
'Cause when its time for me to go I'll go

I burned my feet and stung my skin
the Devil's patience running thin
I knew not where my life had been
when he decided to take it, he said

'Go to the country you've been missing
you lost all you could here'
Oh, he sold me out that winter
another wasted year
Track Name: First Encounter
dead man walking, he got swagger in his step, got fire in his eyes
don't ask him his name he'll drown you in a sea of lies
and when he speaks he's got adulation
there's just one obligation
he'll step up slow to show you who he was
but what he's asking you to see is what he will be in the long run ... he's got to be someone

I woke up from the dream, steamed
and ready to run
all i could do was think one thing, wondering who that man really was
but when i saw him the next day
all my suspicions came undone
he did not know my name, but when asked for his he said 'i dont believe i have one'
but you can call me 'Tristam'

dead man walking, don't ask his name.