Stolen Words EP

by Steel Toed Slippers

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released April 25, 2014

Written, performed, recorded, and produced by Will Nicoll and Matt Moss. Mixed and mastered by Kevin Carafa. Art by Norton Wisdom.



all rights reserved


Steel Toed Slippers California

we make music that tickles

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Track Name: Forever Born
I don't recognize your face
what a waste
I want to see what you've got to sell
with your wit and your words and your confidence dismantle shells
but just one more thing..

ain't no chance in hell i'd win the race to get you
but that don't mean i won't cut my teeth 'long that big rock road
we've come so far and i know
that i like it so
who says we have to turn back
we're forever born

slide your hips up next to mine
we'll make time
stop in it's tracks and rewind
the rind finds its way to the fruit
and protects its clementine
feels so safe..
Track Name: Stolen Words
stole the words out from her mouth and never gave them back
spread her verbs out on the track and stacked up all the sounds

wouldn't it be so good to love
without words?
without arguments, without curses

wouldn't it be so new to love
without hurt (her)?
but it would never work..

caught myself chewing on lies
a poison kissed my tongue
choked it down and hung up the phone
before i made her cry

wouldn't it be so good to lie
without words?
without arguments, without curses

wouldn't it be so new to lie
without hurt (her)?
but it would never work..
Track Name: Desperate Jumps
I lost my patience in the dead of the night
i decided right there that i didnt care
i hit the streets and like a tip of a knife
cut through the city
til my brakes went out and my eyes went wide


i loved her; i loved you; i loved him
who else is missing but the face in the mirror?
i take credit for all i've lost
but i throw away every thing that i win

this toasted terrace seen a thousand flames
my broiled heart has seen a thousand pains
i feel steady when i am lost
and i'm all at home when i am out of my brain